Staying fit is essential to maintain good health, and there is a need to have the necessary gym equipment to do exercise that helps people stay fit.

The cost of gym equipment – for home and business – can be on the high side. This makes paying a lump sum amount for purchasing them cause a financial strain on gym owners.

This knowledge informs the providers of gym equipment who offer their clients a buy-now, pay-later option. This option relieves gym owners of the financial burden of purchasing gym equipment.

Not all gym equipment providers offer this option to people who want to buy. Users on UK.collected.reviews talk about the businesses in the fitness industry that offer this option to pay in installments and how they qualify people for this option.

People who want to buy gym equipment can also research on the internet and read reviews about installment loans available to gym owners. Compiled below is a list of online stores that offer the buy-now, pay-later option to people who want to buy gym equipment.

1.      Powerhouse Fitness

With few clicks, you can get gym equipment on the Powerhouse Fitness website and pay later. With the first payment due 30 days after your order is delivered, you can proceed to checkout when you are done shopping for the gym equipment you need. The requirements that qualify you for this pay-in installment option are, you are above 18 years and you or your partner are in paid employment. Within 3 minutes, you can get approval and have your gym equipment delivered to you.

2.      BestGymEquipment

The BestGymEquipment website allows you to buy gym equipment and split the payment into three installments. You do not need to add your credit card details before checkout. There are selected items that are sold on interest-free finance. This online store has great offerings of gym equipment available to people who want to buy them and pay later.

3.      Precor

Asides from building quality equipment for gyms, Precor offers up to 36 months of installments on all gym equipment. This allows gym owners to get amazing equipment for their gyms without causing financial stress on their pockets. This gym equipment provider not only offers a pay-in installments option but also provides a variety of products that are well-suited for gym facilities.

4.      JLL Fitness

This gym equipment provider gives gym owners – for homes or commercial purposes – the opportunity to get equipment for their gym and pay in installments. They also service home gym owners who love to exercise and do not want to walk to a fitness center.

5.      GymEquipment

With their advanced gym equipment and products, GymEquipment as their name implies provides the best equipment for gyms. They also have the pay-in installments option for people who want to buy gym equipment but cannot afford to pay at once.


Financing is an essential part of setting up a gym facility. Gym owners who want to equip their facility with the best gym equipment often rely on installments to get all they need to run the gym.