Best Earbuds and Headphones for Working Out for 2024

Earfun Free Pro 2: We used to have the Earfun Free Pro 2 earbuds on this list. They’re still available at a discount and are decent earbuds for working out but Earfun has released the new Earfun Free Pro 3 buds, which are a definite upgrade.

Shokz OpenMove: AfterShokz’ entry-level OpenMove bone-conduction headphones list for $80, though we’ve occasionally seen them drop below $70. They replace the older Titanium model, which are still on sale (they also cost $80), and feature some small design upgrades. I found them comfortable to wear and while they don’t sound great, they’re relatively good for bone-conduction headphones — again, keep your sound quality expectations in check or you’ll be disappointed. They’re very good for listening to podcasts, audiobooks and news broadcasts while you run. 

Skullcandy Push Active: With their ear-hook design, the Push Active (about $65) are essentially a more affordable version of the Beats Powerbeats Pro and they actually fit my ears slightly better than the Powerbeats Pro (I’m not usually a fan of ear-hook style buds, but these are among the better ones). The Push Active True earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, are IP55 splash-proof, have built-in Tile Finding Technology and are rated for up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge at moderate volume levels. Additionally, the company’s Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology allows you to issue voice commands without touching a button like Apple’s always-on Siri feature found in the AirPods.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: The Sport True Wireless earbuds ($100) are essentially Sennheiser’s CX True Wireless earbuds with sport fins (for a more secure fit) and better durability. They have an IP54 rating that makes them splash-proof and dust-resistant. The CX True Wireless (IPX4) doesn’t offer dust resistance.

Cleer Audio Arc 2: Cleer’s original Arc earbuds were solid sport earbuds that featured decent sound for open-style buds that sit on top of your ears and fire sound into them. The 2023 model steps up the sound quality and offers additional refinements and feature upgrades, including a new “enhanced” charging case with UV sterilization and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth 5.3), all of which makes for a significantly improved product.

JBL Live Pro 2: Over the years, JBL has put out some decent true-wireless earbuds, but nothing that really got me too excited. That’s finally changed with the arrival of the Samsung-owned brand’s new Live Pro 2 and Live Free 2 buds. Both sets of buds — the Live Pro 2 has stems while the Live Free 2 has a pill-shaped design — offer a comfortable fit along with strong noise canceling, very good sound quality and voice-calling performance, plus a robust set of features, including multipoint Bluetooth pairing, an IPX5 splash-proof rating and wireless charging. Look for them on sale for $100.

Beats Powerbeats Pro: The Powerbeats Pro are popular workout earbuds that remain a likable option, but they’ve been out for several years and are somewhat overpriced, so look for them at a good discount.

Sony Float Run: Sony’s Float Run are a unique take on “off-ear” headphones, which is another way to describe open earbuds that sit away from your ears. I can’t say these have the greatest sound — the bass is underwhelming — but they fit my head securely and comfortably. They’re designed for folks who don’t like to have earbuds jammed into their ears, and runners who want to hear the outside world for safety reasons.