Health benefits of cooking with wine


Wine isn’t a health product.

Now that we’ve got that controversial statement of the way, we can tell you that is actually forms part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

With so many people telling us about wine and the benefits of antioxidants – of which there is great evidence and support – you must still drink wine in moderation for those antioxidants to take an effect. Otherwise, wine could have the opposite effect and damage your body.

If you’ve ever left a bottle of wine on the counter overnight, you might shrug and express a sigh of disappointment to have to throw that bottle of wine out. However, you can instead use it for cooking. What are the health benefits of cooking with wine? Open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass: we’ll help you to the answer.

A glass of wine and a meal go hand-in-hand. The fusion of flavors, the nose, and the conversations: wine makes mealtimes more enjoyable. A wine you might have heard about but not sampled yet, reading about them from real-world people who’ve tried and bought it will help to make your mind up on whether to sample a new win. That’s what you’ll learn in this Giordano Wines review.

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When cooking with wine isn’t about making a meal healthier. It is about making a meal tasteful and flavoursome. In fact, cooking with some wines can increase your blood/sugar level. Some sweeter wines are to be avoided for those people when it comes to adding them to food.

Using wine with food sees the alcohol burn off. However, it doesn’t burn off 100 percent of the alcohol content. It burns up to 75 percent – when cooked for a long time over high heat.

As wine is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, doesn’t the heating process burn them off too? To a large degree, yes. Only a few of the health benefits remain after most of the alcohol has evaporated. Resveratrol is one of the most important antioxidants that helps to prevent the damage done to the body by “free radicals.” A high level of antioxidants helps to lower your risk of cancers and heart disease. It also reduces this resveratrol when cooking.

The remaining level of alcohol from wine in cooking still imparts the health benefits that replace the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) with the “good” cholesterol (HDL). This helps to protect the blood vessels from inflammation and by dilating them.

In some cases, you can substitute oil with wine as an ingredient. This will also further boost the healthiness of the meal. Oil is more difficult for our guts to digest and offers very little nutritional and health benefits.

Some people will fall into the trap of using wine as a sauce. By adding wine once they cook the meal, it will simply overpower the flavors and ruin a tasty meal. Allow the wine to simmer with the food.