Indoor Cycling Got Way More Interesting With This New App

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your cycling routine, here’s your chance. Your regular old training bike can be fitted with this new app called Vingo and you can go on adventures across the world with it.

Vingo is a simulator app that can be installed in any smart device and can be connected with any training bike, old or new. With it, you can cycle through all your dream destinations, all the while keeping your body fit. Hundreds of people are joining the app everyday and starting a new trend called Indoor cycling. You can join them too. Here are a few things about the app that will help you get better at this trend.

Cycle Around the World in 80 days

The Vingo app is filled with virtual locations, all designed from real spots from around the world. You can access them all by registering with the app. These maps will help keep boredom out of your cycling, by taking you to a different spot every day. You can cycle below Mt. Fiji on day one and go to Central Park on day two. This is why it is also called Online cycling. Also, you can compete with yourself by taking the same route every day, but by changing your speed and pace on the track. This way you can push your limits and get fit fast.

An Easy to Use Cycling App

The app has a simple UX and UI. The interface needs very minimal understanding, and you can get around it in no time at all. Every function is just a click away. For example, you can connect the app with your training bike by just turning on Bluetooth. The app will automatically detect your bike and pair with it. The app will also detect your movements on your bike automatically. It will monitor your speed and pace and use them to adjust the visuals on your screen. If there are any trouble connecting your device and the cycle, you can always contact the customer support. In case, if your cycle doesn’t have in-built sensors, you can get the ANT+ sensors at any ecommerce stores.

Turn your cycling time into a Race

With this Indoor cycling app, you can turn your cycling time into a racing adventure. You can connect with your friends and family via the app and challenge them to a race in the app. All of you will share the same location via the app and all of you will get fit together, while having fun.

You can also race with the world, by joining communities within the app. There, you will find users from around the world, all competing with each other to get fit fast.

Vingo is Multi-functional Too

This bike training app can also be used as an online running app. You can pair it with your treadmill and go on a brisk run whenever you feel bored of cycling. This way you can stay fit even on your lean days.