The Best VR Games To Keep You Healthy And Active

For ages, gaming and fitness were virtually antonyms. Wii Sports was one of the first games to break this perception and really open up the possibilities of fitness in gaming. Within the constantly evolving world of Virtual Reality, that potential only continues to grow.

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VR fitness games bring a whole new meaning to “at home” workouts, making getting in shape a much more fun and immersive experience than following along with a video tutorial. If you are looking to kick the gym and explore some virtual workouts, here are some VR fitness games we recommend checking out.

Updated November 4, 2023 By Matthew Mckeown: Normally in VR games you’ll either be standing in one spot looking around you, or sitting down for long periods of time depending on the type of game you’re playing. Which isn’t exactly healthy in the long run.

However, if you’re looking to work up a sweat in your next gaming session then there are plenty of great VR titles out there that will leave you red-faced and rundown after a few short sessions. For those eager to try the next big calorie-burning digital distraction then here are some more of the best VR Fitness Games to get a workout in.


Toss: Climbing Over A Series Of Trap Walls

Get ready for your arms to get tired in Toss from Agera Games. This bright and cute arcade VR game has you swinging and tossing yourself along huge gaps using bars, branches, and whatever else you can get your monkey mitts on.

It’s all about agility and timing your swings over hazards like laser traps, electrical zaps, spikes and so much more across some genuinely complex and challenging climbing levels. To keep things fresh there are challenge modes and some interesting modifiers like Zero Gravity to unlock. If you want to work up a sweat fast then toss should be at the top of your list.

It’s recommended to go as fast as you possibly can in Toss as the momentum on swings can carry you a lot further than you think.

Net Defender

Net Defender: Blocking Balls As the Goalie Inside A Stadium

A very simple-looking VR game but one that will get you moving a lot in a very short time. In net Defender, you play as a Football goalie and you just have to stop balls from going into the net.

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There isn’t a lot to the game, but the balls come at you fast and frequently so you’ll rarely have a moment to stop. Combine it with some arm weights for a real workout or just enjoy the cardio of continual movement against an unending stream of Soccer Balls flying at your head from different angles. Simple and with no extra gimmicks, Net Defender lets you get right into the ball-stopping action fast.


Vriking: Swinging Axes And Shields Along A Procedeurally Generated Track

A Runner game with a unique difference, Vriking puts you in the hot seat as a horn-helmeted Norseman running the gauntlet through a bunch of traps and other delightful hazards. All you have to do is collect Shields for points along the way, don’t run into a trap and hit that end goal.

It’s an Early Access Endless Runner game with a lot of potential, plus the fitness side involves a lot of arm movement to run, jump, and dodge around traps. So it keeps you pretty active. Levels are procedurally generated so they can run for as long as you can and it’s easy enough to pick up and play so there’s not a lot of onboarding for new players.

Since the game is gesture-specific, make sure you’re swinging your arms nice and wide so the game registers correctly whether you want to run, dodge, or jump.

All-In-One Summer Sports VR

All-In-One Summer Sports VR: Taking Aim With A Frisbee At A Floating Target

If you’re looking for a big collection of mini-games in one then you can’t go wrong with All-In-One Summer Sports VR from Appnori. Reminiscent of the Wii Sports era, this Early Acces game takes the same idea but puts it into a bright and fun VR setting.

There are plenty of activities waiting for you ranging from Water Polo to swimming, target shooting, bike races, jet skis, and much more. Plus, new activities are regularly being added with updates, and with the ability to play with a large group, you can work out with your friends and have fun at the same time.

Up to five VR players can go at once, and there’s also plenty of character customization to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Throwback: Throwing Elemental Newspapers At Delivery Droids

Unlock your inner Paperboy with Throwback from Look On Media. This absolute gem of an Early Access game is incredibly stylish, and exciting and never has a dull moment as you blast through it. Defeat the fleets of drones and other strange foes that are sent against you and recover the founder of your crew through some absolutely strange levels and locales.

Toss elemental-infused newspapers and unlock other strange and powerful weapons through mini-games, playable arcade cabinets, and more. There’s also a bit of base customization and plenty of ways to toss stuff at goons and make them go boom. It’s all in the wrist with Throwback.

Normally throwing objects in VR can be incredibly temperamental, but Throwback absolutely nails the physics of it so it’s a lot less trial and error when tossing things.

Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends: Cutting Off A Ninja's Head With A Katana

Work up a sweat and show off your Shinobi skills in Ninja Legends from Coinflip Studios. This first-person hack-and-slash game has plenty of opportunities for you to style all over some unfortunate samurai and ninja as you feel like a dicing death-dealing badass. Plus, with unique Shadow Skill abilities to unlock, it doesn’t take long to become utterly untouchable.

There are 18 levels with four difficulty modes to test out, and over six unique Ninja Weapons ranging from the classic Katana to more niche weapons like Claws, Naginata’s, and strange Gauntlets. To challenge your skills there are boss fights, daily challenges, and secret modes to unlock, so there are plenty of things to keep you active in the game.

Hot Squat

Hot Squat: A Wall Approaching With A Squat Position To Hold

Test out your knees and build up that leg muscle with Hot Squat from Bean Boy Games. This rigorous exercise game involves squirting challenges that can seriously test your endurance. It’s a pretty simple game that has a lot of ways for you to burn off those calories and best of all, it’s free to play.

There are achievements to unlock, an appropriately high-energy soundtrack to keep you focused, and an endless mode that will let you push your endurance to the max. Plus, to motivate your exercise goals further there are leaderboards to climb as you flex your ability to hose some of those difficult squat poses.

Make sure to do some stretches before a session in Hot Squats, it will kill your thighs quicker than you think.


Ragnarock: The View Of The Drummer And The Drumbeat Tracks

Pound out a rocking rhythm as your Viking crew row to victory. Developed by WanadevStudio, Ragnarock is an incredibly fun rhythm game that will make your arms tired in the best kind of way. You play as the rowing drummer on a Viking Longship in a race. The faster and better you hit the runes, the quicker your ship goes. Get to the finish line first and claim your victory.

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Featuring a brilliant soundtrack filled with rock and metal tracks that’s clearly been curated with a lot of care, Ragnarock is guaranteed to get you nodding your head along to the tunes. There’s offline solo if you want to go it alone, but if you enjoy company in your workouts you can also set it for online or split-screen co-op and multiplayer. Mythological Nordic lands await, so start beating that drum.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall: Blighted Warriors Coming Towards An Axe Wielding Player

A stylish fantasy game with a synth-wave soundtrack that will keep your pulse pounding, Until You Fall from Schell Games is an exciting VR sword-fighting game that’s guaranteed to keep you active and out of breath. You play the last remaining Rune Knight in the land of Rokar after the civilization collapsed due to a catastrophic calamity.

Evil monsters stalk the lands and it’s up to you to hack your way through these hellish hordes. You’ll need to keep moving in order to dodge their swings and there’s plenty of ways to play, magic to cast, and a range of weapons to equip yourself with. Expect intense sessions of physical activity whenever you boot up this game as it can get a little relentless.

Make sure your play space is clear of objects as the high physicality in this game can lead to a lot of big swings and accidental breakages.

Sound Boxing

Sound Boxing: The Boxing Droids And The Beat Options Behind Them

A rhythm game that’ll get your heart rate up, Sound Boxing from Maxint is very Beat Sabre-esque as you can box your way through a selection of carefully curated tracks from both the devs and other players. The music library is massive and there’s even an option to create your own boxing beats to songs if you feel so inclined.

To keep things fresh on your sparring sessions there are different environments to box in and a Youtube search feature if you’re looking for a particular video to punch along to. Plus, compete with your friends or others around the world with the leaderboard.


Climbey: Giving The Finger Guns To A New Climbing Wall Section

A simple and surprisingly tough VR climbing game, Climbey from Brian Lindenhof strips out all the fancy textures of other games of its genre and focuses on the best thing about these games, scaling a massive and bizarrely shaped structure like a spider monkey.

Featuring a ton of handcrafted and community-created maps, Climbey has a wealth of cliff faces, steep overhangs, and perilous pits to dangle above. You can tackle it solo, or bring in a big group of friends and try to be the first one to beat each map. Plus, to add a touch of personality to your particular climber, there are plenty of cute and funny cosmetic options to peruse through. Some climbs can be short, whilst others are quite lengthy, so make sure to limber up.

It’s worth going through Climbey with friends as a big group of climbers can encourage each other and make things a bit more chaotic.

Yoga VR

Yoga VR: Copying The Poses Of The Digital Instructor

If you’re looking for something a little less strenuous but still healthy, there’s always Yoga VR. This interesting virtual reality app promises the ultimate yoga experience from the comfort of your living room. Plus, it features a range of classes for different skill levels, so first-timers or veterans looking for a solid routine will feel right at home here.

Virtual instructors guide you through pose routines and there’s a unique body mapping system that leaves your hands free as you try to mimic the guide’s stances without having to worry about wires and controllers. It also comes with calming environments and relaxing zen music drifting through the air, Yoga VR is great for improving your physical and mental health.

Skiing VR

Skiing VR: Encountering A Reindeer During Multiplayer Free Roam

Not everyone has the luxury of living next to a snowy mountain or the ability to fund trips to the slopes, but that’s where Skiing VR comes in. Developed by DGMA, this snowy wonderland provides an exciting arcade spin on your regular fitness games.

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There are multiple game modes from casual runs to pulse-pounding, arm-aching races that can be done alone or with a group of friends. Navigate the slopes at night, or explore in free roam and find your own ways to get down those slopes. Great for working on your core and building up stamina, Skiing VR brings the cold slopes to your cozy living room for a relatively cheap price.

Gym Class – Basketball VR

Gym Class Basketball VR: Multiplayer Match With Multiple Basketballers

Work up a sweat as you dribble down the court and sink a satisfying dunk in the basket with Gym Class Basketball VR. This Oculus exclusive features state-of-the-art physics systems for ball handling, so you feel like you’re controlling the chaotic orb as you dance around the court.

There’s a practice mode if you want to improve your skills, and plenty of public courts that will pair you up with other players from around the planet. Or you can set up a friendly match with your mates. With tons of customization options including accessories, your b-baller can look pretty stylish as they take those nerve-wracking half-court shots.


Blaston: A PVP Match With A Lot Of Energy Projectiles Filling The Screen

Never stand still is the one rule of the game in Blaston. This fast-paced PVP shooter places you and another player mere feet from each other. With a wall of weapons within short grabbing distance, it doesn’t take long for the firefight to get pretty frantic and physically exhausting.

You can’t move from your spot so your only option is to dodge and with so many projectiles coming at you, it can make for a great workout in VR. Available on the Quest, this fun FPS has a lot of style and plenty of variety to keep each sweat-inducing session fresh. Plus, it’s free to play, all you need is the right headset and a decent amount of space to go wild.

Blaston can be played sitting down, but staying static can make you a much easier target for the other player you’re facing off against.

Dance Central

A dancer dance battle against the player, and their move is rated

Finally, a VR game for all of us Just Dance fans. There are few workouts quite as gratifying as learning how to do a new dance, and Dance Central does not disappoint. Challenge a cast of colorful characters in this nightclub to dance battles. As you learn and master new dances, you will turn your rivals into friends.

Choose from dozens of songs you know and love, and even hop into multiplayer to go toe-to-toe with your friends in the ultimate dance battle. Talk about some good cardio.

Pistol Whip

A player shoots a gun at a robot in a bright neon synthwave world

Ever wished you could get fit like John Wick and groove out at the same time? Pistol Whip is a bullet-hell fever dream that will keep you constantly moving along with the beat while gunning down your foes.

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With two campaign modes, plus Daily Bounty and Monthly Ultimatum modes, you will never run out of new content in this unexpectedly intense exercise game.

REAKT Performance Trainer

A player wears the Oculus Quest and hand controls while playing Reakt Performance Trainer

Perhaps you already consider yourself a pretty athletic person, but you need a way to incorporate some more at-home training. REAKT Performance Trainer makes improving your reaction time in VR easy and tangible.

With weekly challenges and in-depth scoring, charts, and trackers for your performance, REAKT Performance Trainer becomes incredibly appealing. Plus, you are training your body and mind at the same time.

Supernatural VR

A woman wearing fitness clothes and a white VR headset stands in a virtual reality punching a rock to bits

Supernatural VR is essentially the Peloton bike of VR fitness games. After your 30-day free trial is up, the game requires a $19-a-month subscription to continue. What do you get for this pricey monthly subscription? Access to a library of daily workouts incredibly similar to Beat Saber’s 360 mode set in an ultra-realistic environment, with some more nuanced arm movements required.

You will also be coached throughout the entire “workout” by a virtual Supernatural trainer. While Supernatural VR does not offer much more than other games for the steep monthly price, if you need the extra motivation mid-workout or thrive off of tracking your workout statistics, Supernatural could be a good fit for you.

There are a lot of cheaper and even free alternatives to Supernatural VR, so shop around before you sign up.


Two women wearing VR headsets stand in a virtual environment punching glowing objects, with FITXR title art in foreground

Formerly known as “BoxVR”, FitXR is yet another take on the VR rhythm fitness game genre that requires a monthly subscription. With FitXR though, you get three different styles of workouts: boxing, dance, or HIIT.

Unlike Beat Saber or Supernatural, each mode varies the way you interact with incoming targets rather than just slashing. For instance, in boxing, you will need to jab, cross, and uppercut the targets, creating a far more balanced workout.