Replenishing health in The Legend of Zelda series used to involve cutting grass and smashing rocks for stray hearts, downing a tall glass of Lon Lon Milk, or catching one fairy or another. Then Breath of the Wild introduced cooking dishes to the series, providing a new way to replenish health with more variety. Tears of the Kingdom keeps up the cooking with a whole host of new recipes to tuck into.

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Different dishes can provide other perks as well, like the Hasty dishes increasing speed, Energizing dishes refilling stamina, Chilly for Heat resistance, Spicy for Cold resistance, and more. While those may come in handy, it’s the health boosts that’ll keep Link and the player in the game. So, if players are looking for a way to recover, these are the best food recipes to heal Link’s health in Tears of the Kingdom.

Updated August 12, 2023, by David Heath: Link’s latest adventure has been out for a while now, and much of Tears of the Kingdom’s take on Hyrule has now been explored inside and out. Newbies and veterans alike have more help on how to make the best Zonai devices, how to handle one dungeon or another or take down the newly revived Demon King with minimal muss and fuss. There are also more recipes available for Link to cook up in his pot and give himself one perk or another, on top of topping off his Hearts. With this refreshed list of recipes, players have more choice in keeping Link away from death’s door. These are more of TOTK’s best dishes for restoring health.

11 Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Mix

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Cooking

The simplest dishes can give Link back a heart or two, and sometimes less. But if players want ones that’ll give them more hearts for their buck, they’ll have to load up on ingredients. Grab a few Hylian Shrooms and Spicy Peppers, and the player can make the Spicy Fruit & Mushroom Mix.

It offers 6 & a half minutes of Cold Resistance for any wintry location. More importantly, it’ll refill 5 of Link’s hearts. If push comes to shove in even temperate locations, this is a dish worth keeping in mind.

10 Spicy Sautéed Peppers

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Spicy Sauteed Peppers

Unless they have a whole abundance of Spicy Peppers, that is. The mushrooms are fine enough, yet 5 Spicy Peppers are enough to make the Spicy Sautéed Peppers. It’ll also heal 5 hearts and get Link out of a pinch.

However, it’ll also give Link 12 & a half minutes of Cold Resistance, so it might be best saved for when Link’s right in the thick of Gutanbac Shrine and other snowy areas. But if the player has more than enough Spicy Peppers to go around, then the Spicy Sautéed Peppers are worth consideration.

9 Spicy Pepper Steak

spicy pepper steak cold resistance food zelda tears of the kingdom-1

The Spicy Peppers are great for Cold Resistance, though when health is the name of the game, it’s worth mixing 3 Spicy Peppers with 2 Steaks to make the Spicy Pepper Steak. Aside from sounding tasty, it’ll recover 7 hearts.

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This dish gives players more bang for their buck, albeit at the cost of withstanding the snow and icy breezes. It only offers 8 & a half minutes of Cold Resistance, which is still a decent amount of time. It’s just worth keeping in mind if the player intends of hanging around in the snow or just needs a pick-me-up.

8 Fish & Mushroom Skewer

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Bright-Eyed Crab

The player doesn’t need Spicy Peppers and Steaks to just recover 7 hearts. Just for Cold Resistance. If the hearts are all the player is after, they can get that with a few Bright-Eyed Crabs and Mushrooms to make the Fish & Mushroom Skewer.

It’ll perk Link right back up in more ways than one, as the Bright-Eyed Crabs alone can also replenish Link’s stamina. They can be bought from traveling merchants or caught in their old haunts from Breath of the Wild like Lanayru Great Spring. Zora’s Domain is also a good spot for them, particularly if players want to complete the “Crabulous Deal” side quests.

7 Honeyed Apples

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom-Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health-1

If fishing for crabs proves too tedious, players can head towards the woods and knock down enough Courser Beehives to get some honeycomb. They only need one to combine with the regular old apples to make Honeyed Apples, yet there’s no harm in stocking up.

The Honeyed Apples will also restore 7 hearts each, without any bonus effects. That can be enough if staying in the game against a tough boss or testing challenge is all the player is after.

6 Hearty Fried Wild Greens

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom-Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health(1)-1

On their own, the Fried Wild Greens can restore 5 & a half hearts, and it only requires some Chickaloo Tree Nuts and Hyrule Herbs to put together. It can also be combined with other items for additional perks, like Sundelions for Gloom Resistance.

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With a few Hearty items, like the Hearty Radish, the dish will become the Hearty Fried Wild Greens, and add some temporary bonus hearts. While they can’t be replenished, they’ll extend Link’s health until the player can find the requisite Heart Containers to make them permanent.

5 Hearty Gourmet Meat & Seafood Fry

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Health Recipes- Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry

As Link fights off Hyrule’s monsters, he’ll get different types of meat drops from them. Raw Meat is the most common, but there’s a chance he’ll also get Raw Prime Meat or Raw Gourmet Meat. They’ll all work for this recipe, but if players want the full 8+ hearts, they’ll need to use the Gourmet Meat.

With just 1 Gourmet Meat, then Hyrule Bass or Sanke Carp, Link will get the standard Gourmet Meat & Seafood Fry to regain 8 hearts. Either fish can be replaced with others to gain perks like the Chillfin Trout to gain Heat resistance. The best fish to use for Health recovery is the Hearty Bass or Hearty Salmon to make the Hearty Gourmet Meat & Seafood Fry and get those extra hearts to temporarily stand up against big foes for longer.

4 Meaty Rice Balls

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Health Recipes- Meaty Rice Balls

If that seems a little fiddly, or if time is of the essence, then players might prefer to make some Meaty Rice Balls. With just 10 chunks of ordinary Raw Meat and 2 servings of Hylian Rice, Link can make his own version of onigiri, one of Japan’s top snack items.

A single portion can recover 10 hearts in one go, possibly more if Link has some Prime or Gourmet Meat on him. The issue here is getting enough Hylian Rice. If players can’t afford to buy it from Beedle at the Wetland Stable, they’ll have to mow the tall grass on the Hylian Plains for a while.

3 Meat Skewer

Tears of the Kingdom Health Recipes- Meat Skewer

There are enough dishes for players to experiment with. Players could even challenge themselves to a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan run of Tears of the Kingdom to see if it’s doable. It worked for Metal Gear Solid 3. That said, one of the few dishes that heals the most hearts in one go requires turning Link into an omnivore at least, or a full carnivore.

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Kill enough boars, wolves, and more, and Link will get 5 chunks of Raw Meat. Cooking them all together will produce the Meat Skewer, which will heal 10 hearts in one serving. It’s essentially a full heal for most of the game’s run and a very decent boost for the rest of it.

2 Hearty Copious Seafood Skewers

Zelda_ Tears of the Kingdom - Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health

For anyone preferring to give that pescatarian run a go, they’ll be rewarded with the recipe for the Copious Seafood Skewers. It’s pretty easy to make too. Grab 4 different kinds of fish, chuck them into the pot, and out they’ll come. They’ll recover a minimum of 10 hearts per serving, making it as effective as the Meat Skewers.

Like the Meat & Seafood Fry, different fish will grant different effects, like Cold/Heat resistance, increased speed, etc. Using the Hearty Salmon, Hearty Bass, and Hearty Blueshell Snail will produce the Hearty Copious Seafood Skewers, which will fully heal Link and throw in bonus hearts too. Maybe Link should stick to seafood after all.

1 Hearty Mushroom Skewer

Zelda_ Tears of the Kingdom - Best Food Recipes to Heal Link's Health

But what do players planning a vegetarian run have to pull them out of trouble? They may have trouble finding the right recipes to fit the bill. Even more so if they fancy kicking things up a notch and going vegan, which means cutting out the honey, eggs, and other animal products too. Luckily the Hearty Truffle, while not a plant, isn’t animal-based and is thus vegetarian/vegan-friendly.

Both it and the Big Hearty Truffle are hard to find, appearing one by one in caves and wells, or in bunches at Sturnida Springs. But one is all Link will need. A single Hearty Truffle will produce the Hearty Mushroom Skewer, fully recovering all hearts and granting 1 bonus heart. Using the Big Hearty Truffle will provide 5 bonus hearts instead. It might be a lot of work to get it, but the reward is worth it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is currently available on Switch.

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