Joe Wicks’ workouts for seniors +16 more workouts for over 50s

As you get older, it’s important to keep exercising and to make it fun, which is probably why Joe Wicks’ workout for seniors has racked up over 5.5 million YouTube views. From maintaining bone density to decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, keeping moving has huge benefits for staying healthy in your later years. Exercising outdoors is one option, but we’ve also rounded up the best home workouts for you to do in the comfort of the indoors.

From yoga to low-impact strength and cardio, these simple-to-follow moves will keep you motivated, yet challenged. We bring you two of Joe Wicks’ (aka the family favourite, The Body Coach) workouts for seniors + 16 more sessions that will get your joints moving, elevate your heart rate and improve flexibility and strength.

Remember, consult a doctor or a health professional if you’re unsure about the suitability of any of these exercises before beginning a workout programme. These workouts are only a guide and should not be taken as professional medical or health advice.

1. Joe Wicks’ workout for seniors

        • Duration: 10 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Simple, gentle cardio exercises including knee raises and toe taps to get your heart rate up and your joints moving. The exercises are done for 40 seconds at a time followed by a 15-second rest.

        2. Joe Wicks’ chair workout for seniors

        • Duration: 10 minutes
        • Equipment: A chair and a can of food (it can be anything!)

        Gentle strength exercises including arm exercises and rotations to aid mobility and muscle tone.

        3. Kayla Itsines’ low-impact workout for seniors

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        • Duration: 14 minutes
        • Equipment: Yoga mat (or exercise mat)

        She’s the Aussie queen of home workouts! Kayla Itsines’ low-impact workout is perfect for seniors. A core-focused workout, you’ll work through abdominal exercises such as dead bugs, Russian twists and mountain climbers.

        4. Strength workout for seniors

        • Duration: 15 minutes
        • Equipment: Two small hand weights (dumbbells are great) or filled water bottles you can hold comfortably

        A functional low-impact workout to directly help with day-to-day activities.

        5. Low-impact cardio workout for over 50s

        • Duration: 15 minutes
        • Equipment: None – chair optional

        A cardio workout designed to get your heart rate up and work your full body.

        joe wicks workout for seniors

        Working out keeps your joints moving, heart rate elevated and improves flexibility and strength

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        6. Home workout for seniors

        • Duration: 17 minutes
        • Equipment: A stable surface to hold onto – kitchen counter or the back of a chair

        This workout can be done in the kitchen and works on strength, mobility and balance.

        7. Chair workout for seniors and elderly people

        • Duration: 20 minutes
        • Equipment: A chair

        A low-intensity routine that can be done seated or standing to work your whole body.

        8. Yoga flow for seniors

        • Duration: 28 minutes
        • Equipment: Yoga mat

        Yoga with Adriene is famous for her accessible and simple-to-follow yoga flows. This one is just under half an hour and perfect for seniors.

        9. Pilates for seniors standing workout

        • Duration: 30 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Straight from ‘The Girl with the Pilates Mat‘, this session is brilliant for those suffering from general aches and pains as well as improving balance and coordination.

        10. Chair workout for seniors in Gujarati and English

        • Duration: 33 minutes
        • Equipment: A chair

        Follow along as PT Lavina and her mother in law work through some senior-friendly chair exercises. Follow along with Lavina’s English or Sasu’s Gujarati instructions.

        11. Fun, low-impact workout for seniors and beginners

        • Duration: 40 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        A fun and upbeat workout designed to get you working for longer. It’s still low impact, just for an extended period of time.

        12. Seated exercises for seniors

        • Duration: 40 minutes
        • Equipment: None with the option of ankle weights

        A series of exercises designed to show what exercises are possible sitting down.

        13. Standing exercises for seniors

        • Duration: 40 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        A series of exercises designed to show what exercises are possible standing up.

        14. Yoga flow for seniors

        • Duration: 7 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Designed to build strength, improve flexibility and boost balance, this quick yoga workout for seniors is a great low-impact alternative to vigorous flows.


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        15. Indoor walking workout for seniors

        • Duration: 20 minutes
        • Equipment: None

        Marching or walking in place is the foundation of this video, with some fun dance moves thrown in. A cardio workout, there are about 2,400 steps, encouraging you to work on your balance and coordination.

        16. Gentle stretching workout for seniors

        • Duration: 17 minutes
        • Equipment: None (can be done standing), but a chair is optional

        A full-body set of stretches, including your arms, wrists, legs, ankles and shoulders. Gentle, light stretching will improve your circulation and flexibility, and relieve stress.

        17. Full-body chair stretches for seniors

        • Duration: 20 minutes
        • Equipment: A chair

        Total-body, head-to-toe stretching, with relaxing music to offset stiffness and leave you more limber. You’ll be feeling lighter, looser and rejuvenated.

        18. Strength and balance workout for seniors

        These 10 compound exercises are osteoporosis-friendly, and suitable for active seniors and beginners. Some are bodyweight and some are weighted, ensuring things are kept challenging but still manageable.

        What are the best exercisex if you’re over 50?

        Anything that counts as moderate activity is brilliant for those who are 50+. This includes a brisk walk, a run, swimming, or gardening or some light resistance training.

        But, if you exercise at home, this could also be a home workout, like a yoga session, Pilates, stretching, or resistance exercises. Anything that keeps you mobile and active.

        What are the benefits of working out if you’re over 50?

        • Improved sleep: Regular exercise is proven to aid sleep, which means more energy during the day and a longer, deeper sleep at night.
        • Enhanced mobility: Exercise is a key factor in improved flexibility, posture and mobility.
        • Mental wellbeing: A proven stress-buster, exercise is an easy, free way to boost your brain and your body.
        • Better overall health: Exercise is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health and preventing bone density loss.

        Can you build muscle over 50?

        The answer to this is not just ‘yes’, but ‘you should’. While many people feel like it’s inevitable to lose strength as you get older, this doesn’t have to be the case.

        One study found that older adults can build muscle mass with as little as 40 minutes of strength training and resistance training twice a week.

        Remember to start gently with bodyweight exercises or resistance bands and then build up to adding more weight as you go along. This progressive overload is the best way to build muscle safely while minimising the risk of injury.

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