When you think of Thanksgiving side dishes, which favorite comes to mind? Is it mashed potatoes? Stuffing? Sweet potato casserole? Maybe roasted vegetables?

According to Campbell’s 2023 “State of the Sides” report, 67% of those surveyed said they prefer side dishes to the main entrée. As for America’s favorite dish, mashed potatoes take the cake, and stuffing comes in second place.

But holiday eating can also bring a lot of anxiety to those who have health goals or struggle with moderation. Here’s what registered dietitians told USA TODAY about building a healthy Thanksgiving dinner.

You can enjoy both Thanksgiving classics and a healthy meal with these tips.

What are the healthiest Thanksgiving side dishes?

Thanksgiving classics are a must, but licensed dietitian nutritionist Abra Pappa says the healthiest way to enjoy the holiday is by shaking up the side dish options. 

Many of the staples have a mushy, dense feel – delicious, sure, but it might not leave us feeling our best. The healthiest side dishes switch up the flavor, texture and nutritional profile.